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Weston Park: The House, The Families, and The Influence

Friday, February 10, 1:00-2:15 p.m. ET

Presented by Gareth Williams
Considering its territorial and social influence and the superlative nature of its furnishings and collections, Weston Park—located in Shropshire, the very heart of England—is not as well-known as one might expect. The house and contents, with its thousand-acre landscape park, was gifted to the British nation in 1986 by Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford. Until then, the house had always passed by descent, often through the female line, and it had stood at the center of an estate with a wide geographical spread. Weston Park provided not only a fitting home, visited by royalty and politicians, but also became a repository of important patronage and of collections. Join Gareth Williams, Curator and Head of Learning at Weston Park, as he opens the covers of his new book, sharing its original research and some of the beautiful illustrations to tell the story of the house, its setting, extraordinary collections, and the influence that it has had on wider communities through the history of those who have owned and cared for it.

Gareth Williams is a noted UK-based art and architecture historian. He graduated with first class honors in the history of art from the University of Manchester in 1992 and completed his masters at the same university in 1994. Since 2006 Gareth has been the curator and head of learning at the Weston Park Foundation in Shropshire. He was previously a curator for the National Trust and, before that, was a regional director at Sotheby’s. Gareth is also a popular lecturer and author.